This unique and limited menu is an amalgamation of two perspectives- one of a farmer and the other of a chef. Pranoy is a fifth-generation farmer at his family estate in Chikmagalur - Kerehaklu. Equipped with a BSc in Biology, Pranoy is now looking to make people more mindful of the Western Ghats’ biodiversity through their produce and awareness. He is focusing on the history of the interactions between indigenous and introduced species, and does a great job documenting them on the Kerehaklu feed. Chef Bani’s endless love for citrus led to this very thrilling collaboration and this monsoon menu celebrates June’s lemon harvest. Chef Bani has put together cakes and pies using Huli lemons and Kanchi lemons from the Kerehaklu estate. Huli lemons are floral and sour with an orange-like aftertaste whereas the Kanchi lemons are tropical and pungent with a sharp zest. We hope you give this crafted menu a chance and experience the true spirit of this collaboration!

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