Soh-Shang Berries & Khasi Lemon Entremet

Soh-Shang Berries & Khasi Lemon Entremet

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Atelier Miam is special to my heart. It’s my bi-monthly escape into India’s abundance and generosity. This is my latest creation inspired by the onset of summer in Meghalaya.

I recently spent time in villages around Cherapunjee with Tanisha Phanbuh of Tribal Gourmet. We went to pick very unique berries called Soh Shang or Silver Berries. They boast a silvery exterior but as you bite into them, you see the lush ruby red flesh.

The berries are astringent and sour but I sweetened them and made a compote with some vanilla pods. The mousse is made with a light cream cheese ( I didn’t want to take away from the star fruit used here ) the sponge has Khasi lemon zest and you’ll also find a croustillant layer hidden inside for crunch and texture.

I hope you dive into our country’s biodiversity with every bite and make my adventure all the more worthwhile.


Milk, refined sugar, eggs, gelatine, whipped cream, refined wheat flour, butter, cream, cooking oil.


Lactose, Egg, Gluten, Citrus, Soy, Nuts, Chocolate.


Refrigerate upon arrival. Leave at room temperature for 2 hours before serving for it to soften.