Small Gifting Box

Small Gifting Box

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This box has an assortment of some of our gifting specials! It contains a box of 4 madeleines, a big jar of flaxseed crackers (18-20 pieces ), a jar of cream cheese (200g)  and a single porting of the raspberry and Belgian chocolate pie ( 3 inches ). Box Dimensions 9x6 inches. Shelf life: up to 7 days in the fridge.

Milk, refined sugar, eggs, dark chocolate, almonds, orange peel, rum, vanilla, refined oil, chocolate, cream, refined wheat flour, butter, raspberry, seeds, semolina, whole wheat flour.



Lactose, Egg, Gluten, Nuts, Chocolate, Citrus, Seeds, Alcohol

In case you are getting this a day before gifting, store over night in the fridge or in a cool air conditioned room. After gifting, the madeleines and the pie can be stored at room temperate in an air tight container and they stay well for 2-3 days- you must warm them before eating. The cookies and the crackers can stay in their respective containers and they stay well for up to 7 days.