Miam's Care Package

Miam's Care Package

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This is a large box with an assortment of comforting Miam goodies. The box is perfect to consume over the weekend for breakfast / send as gift! The box contains-

2 large French Hearts.

Box of 4 Madeleines.

Jar of Cream Cheese (300g)

Case of Flaxseed Crackers (12-14)

Vanilla Loaf (400g)


Refined wheat flour, butter, salt, almond meal, refined sugar, almond flakes, oats, eggs, orange zest, lemon, granola, milk, eggs, dark chocolate. 


2-3 day


Gluten, Nuts, Lactose, Citrus, Eggs


The cream cheese needs to be refrigerated and will last for 10 days in the fridge. The crackers can be left at room temperature and consumed over 1 week. The madeleines must be consumed eaten as fresh as possible. The pound cake can be consumed over 4-5 days at room temperature or cold. The French hearts must be consumed in max 2 days.