Kids’ Cakes
Kids’ Cakes
Kids’ Cakes

Kids’ Cakes

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This kids menu has been one of the most exciting projects the team has taken up! The flavours, colours and presentation revolves around kids! The cake consists of vanilla mousse, milk chocolate ganache and a rich chocolate gooey sponge. The combination is on the sweeter side and might not be enjoyed by adults. It’s simply a no-fuss pairing that all kids would relish! 
We have 3 designs- Peppa Pig, Baby Shark and Monsters Inc. 
The characters are made with pure white chocolate and absolutely NO fondant is used. Each chocolate artwork is 100% handmade and takes a very very long time to put together. This may leave some room for partial inconsistencies here and there and everything is done by hand. 

Each cake is roughly 750-800 grams and is suitable for 4-6 kids. 

Milk, refined sugar, eggs, refined wheat flour, cream, gelatine, cocoa powder, milk chocolate, cocoa butter. 


White Chocolate 


Lactose, Egg, Gluten, Soy, Chocolate

Refrigerate upon arrival. Leave at room temperature for 1 hour before serving for it to soften.