Eggless Rakhi Gift Box
Eggless Rakhi Gift Box

Eggless Rakhi Gift Box

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Rakhi is coming up and we have put together an exciting assortment! This box is perfect for gifting and has a little something for everyone. You'll find the following:

A marble loaf with a French sablé top that's decorated with ganache and orange segments.

A pack of flaxseed crackers.

A jar of Miam’s brunch cream cheese.

A pack of 2 freshly baked French hearts.

Please remove the segmented slot first and then the carefully remove the items. 

A humble note from Chef Bani:

Rakhi is one of our most hectic festivals and each year we thrive harder. If you can, please opt for pick-ups from our Lado Sarai studio. If you want deliveries, please order a day in advance on the 10th so that you can set out on Rakhi day with your orders in-hand. For the 10th and 11th our time slot for deliveries is from 8am to 10pm. We can only work with one large flexible time slot as we have to account for delays / rains and overall traffic rush. Please cooperate with us as we collectively put in more than our 100% on all festivals.

There has never been a day we haven't gone out of our way to make up for any unforeseen mishaps. Our team will be extra charged up for Rakhi with extra back-ups for quick turnarounds and recoveries ( you might even find Bani and Akshay outside your door delivering your order :D ) 


Lactose, Egg, Gluten, Soy, Nuts, Chocolate, Citrus

In case you are getting this a day before gifting, store over night in the fridge or in a cool air conditioned room. Post gifting, please refer to the instructions card placed inside the box.