Miam’s Grazing / Travel Pack

Miam’s Grazing / Travel Pack

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This pack has a mix of dips, bread, croissants, condiments and baked crackers.

It is perfect pre-dinner grazing board that you can assemble with ease. You can throw in some fruits, hard cheeses and nuts from your side. 
The pack is ideal for travelling as well, it stays ok on car rides. You can snack along the way / serve a hearty breakfast on your trip!

You'll find-

1. Miam's Brunch Cream Cheese

2. Confit Tomatoes & Leeks

3. Chef Bani's Feta Soak

4. Flaxseed and Semolina Crackers 

5. Fennel & Sea Salt Crackers 

6. Smoked Onion Crackers 

7. A Traditional French Baguette

8. Pack of 4 Croissants

9. Onion Jam 

The pack doesn't come with any micro-greens ( they’re solely for the photo-shoot )



Lactose, gluten, citrus, nuts



Keep the dips and condiments refrigerated. Keep the crackers in an airtight container, serve the bread and croissants fresh as they have a shelf life for a day. The crackers last for 2-3 weeks and the dips last for 2 weeks if refrigerated.