Traditional French Box

Traditional French Box

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We have put this box together with some traditional French favourites! 
You’ll find the following-

1. Vanilla Choux Bun : Carefully baked choux pastry filled with a light vanilla cream.

2. Sablé Nantaise : A buttery French shortbread that comes from the Brittany region. 

3. Tarte Bourdaloue : This is probably the most understated tart that most people haven’t heard of! A sweet pastry dough encloses a delicately poached pear half and buttery almond frangipane. It is then topped with flaked almonds.

4. Madeleines : Traditional dry shell shaped cakes perfumed with citrus and vanilla pod.


5. Tarte au Miel : A traditional tart baked with toffy and crunchy sliced almonds.

6. Pain au Chocolat : An all time favourite chocolate croissant.




Milk, refined sugar, eggs, refined wheat flour, cream, brown sugar, orange zest, cream cheese, lemon zest, oil, orange zest, almonds, honey, pear, spices, dark chocolate, cream cheese 



Lactose, Egg, Gluten, Soy, Nuts, Citrus

Consume at room temperature, preferably fresh upon arrival!