Blueberry & Fig Puff Pie

Blueberry & Fig Puff Pie

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This flakey, mushy and punchy berry pie is ideal for everyone who loves fruity desserts. It has a casing of a puff pastry which is lined with raspberry preserve, vanilla custard and a cream cheese whipped mousse. It comes covered in fresh superior quality figs and blueberries! We are generous with our fruits so please forgive us if a few tumble off while travelling! 


Refined wheat flour, butter, salt, refined sugar, egg, cream cheese, raspberry, figs, whipped cream, milk, cooking cream.


1-2 Days 


Gluten, Lactose, Eggs, Fruits


Consume the pie preferably on the first day. Let the pie sit out in a cold room for 45 minus or 1 hour. It stays good in the fridge for up to 2 days max. Refrigeration will make the puff pastry soggy.