Assorted Box of 4 Dessert Croissants

Assorted Box of 4 Dessert Croissants

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Try Chef Bani's take on dessert croissants. They are all twice baked and filled with cold custards / topped with ganache. This box contains- 

1. Granola & Vanilla Custard Croissant.

2. Extra Chocolatey Pain au Chocolat.

3. Hazelnut Praliné Croissant.

4. Coconut & Lemon Curd Croissant. 



Refined wheat flour, butter, yeast, salt, almond meal, refined sugar, almond flakes, rum, orange zest, coconut, lemon, hazelnut, granola, cream cheese, whipped cream, dark chocolate. 


1 day


Gluten, Nuts, Lactose, Yeast, Citrus, Eggs

Do not warm these as they have cold cream-based fillings. Consume fresh on the same day of receiving the order. In case you need to store them, please refrigerate but consume them at room temperature preferably.