Large French Hearts ( Box of 2 )

Large French Hearts ( Box of 2 )

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French Hearts or Palmiers are very traditional and may bring back a sense of nostalgia for many. They're made with decadent layers of handmade puff pastry and caramelised sugar. They are flakey and crispy. They might be inconsistent in size and form as they are shaped by hand. They are quite delicate and might break during transit but will taste lovely nevertheless. 

Refined wheat flour, butter, salt, refined sugar. 


1-2 Days 


Gluten, Lactose

Eat them fresh on the same day of the delivery. You may warm them in an oven FOR 2-3 minutes. If you wish to consume them over a few days, they will get soggy but will turn crisp again if placed in an air frier / oven.