Mango Sampler ( Box of 2 )

Mango Sampler ( Box of 2 )

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This box of two is the perfect mango sampler. It comes with one piece each of:

1. Mango Mille Feuille: 

Mille Feuille or the Napoleon is an evergreen French classic. It has layers of puff pastry and vanilla bean infused pastry cream. The puff pastry layers get moist yet manage to retain the flakiness. This is Chef Bani's version without any sugary fondant on top. Instead, you will find a light cream cheese frosting piped concentrically along with fresh mango complementing the layers.

2. Fresh Mango Tart 

A crispy tart shell is filled with pastry cream, raspberry coulis and fresh mangoes. 

Each pastry is 3 inches, good for an individual portion. 


Refined wheat flour, butter, salt, refined sugar, vinegar, milk, cream, cream cheese, eggs, vanilla pods, whipped cream, mango, raspberry 


1-2 Days 


Gluten, Lactose, Eggs


Please consume fresh on the same day. Cut with a sharp knife.