Miam's Picnic Pack (4 persons)

Miam's Picnic Pack (4 persons)

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Thank you for ordering this picnic pack! The whole idea behind this was to promote responsible social gatherings in lieu of the ongoing pandemic. We hope you will socially distance yourself at your picnic and dig into all these wonderful items. Be sure to mix, match and share!

In this pack you will find the following :

1. A traditional crusty French baguette ( we have cut it half for you ). (V)
2. 4 plain butter croissants.(V)
3. A case of crackers.(V)
4. Miam’s brunch cream cheese.(V)
5. Vandana’s homemade tomato relish.(V)
6. Chef Bani’s olive oil and feta soak.(V)
7. A pack of sliced smoked chicken ham and chicken salami (300g total )(NV
8. A moist Belgian chocolate cake with a baked ganache. ( contains egg )
9. Eco- friendly plates and cutlery ( you may want to carry a sturdy bread knife from home )
10. A barcode that you can scan to hear a fun picnic playlist <3

PS- We have designed the pack in a unique way! You can use it to collect all the leftover trash and tidy up before you leave ( the glass jars can be up-cycled ). We hope you will be mindful about littering and tidying up before you wrap up! We have whole-heartedly aimed to offer you an eco-friendly experience <3

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Refined wheat flour, semolina, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, bread flour, yeast, bread improver, chicken, feta, olive oil, shallots, garlic, cream cheese, herbs, chocolate, eggs, brown sugar, cream, tomatoes, onions


Gluten, lactose, yeast, chocolate, eggs